"They Took him for a Fall Guy... but he through them for a hoop"

The Jump into SpaceTime

Once the devotee has risen to the highest height and knows himself to be encompassed in the Divine Name, which he has 'unified,' he is supposed to leap into the abyss of the 'other side,' in order, like a diver, to bring up sparks of holiness, there held in exile. "But only a perfect zaddik can accomplish this . . . for he alone is worthy to descend and make a selection from among the kelippoth, the realms of the 'other side,' even against their will. If anyone else sends his soul down among kelippoth, he may well prove unable to raise up the other fallen souls, or even to save his own, which will remain in those realms." (Gershom Scholem)

Vampire girls take the leap

Snow White jumps

Light Saber, Skywalker
Staff of Light, Walking off the Edge

Zero, The Fool

This card is attributed to the letter Aleph . . . Harpocrates is the God of Silence; and this silence has a very special meaning. . . .

This babe is in an egg of blue, which is evidently the symbol of the Mother. This child has, in a way, not been born; the blue is the blue of space . . .


The babe on the ledge

Now this Ox is the letter Aleph, and is that Atu of Thoth whose number is Zero, and whose Name is Maat, Truth; or Maut, the Vulture, the All-Mother, being an Image of Our Lady Nuith, but also it is called the Fool, which is Parsifal, “der reine Thor”, and so referreth to him that walketh in the Way of the Tao. (Aleister Crowley)


  1. Twilight's Bella Swan is really Mal (Sophia as World Soul); she jumps off of the cliff (becomes "human") in order to get Edward (Vampire Jesus) to take his own leap of faith . . .

  2. My leaps of faith are a trip. Usually a stumble over a "how in the HELL dd he not see that" kinda thing or a fucking swan dive into a "I cannot BELIEVE he just did that" kinda thing.

    That said, I have watched some videos on Tarot and one was very interesting talking about the fool and telling of his adventures "through the rest of the deck" that he met along his travels. I guess that's me. Stuck at "The Fool."

    Once a fool, always a fool? Fucked if I know. By the time I was old enough to understand that those talking TO me ABOUT me with respect to being a fool, the foolish things I did, and as to why I was always being was already too late. Their labels stuck.

    I guess the labels they used, used adhesive from 3M or some other major corporation known for the quality of their products, or something like that cause I never could get the labels to come off. ;-)

    Eventually, I stopped even trying, and soon the labels were like a warm blanket of security.

    Cocooned in the egg of "dirty labels" containing a new life.
    A new life safe and sound and cozy in the dragon's embrace.
    And like The Phoenix that burns until it can burn no more.
    This Phoenix...forever in flight...forever burning...yet never dies.
    The neverwas...
    That now is...
    And always shall be...
    For the rest of eternity.
    For time has ended twice.
    And the time to end time thrice...
    Will never, ever, be.
    At least so far far as I've been told...
    And as far as can see.
    But I am, and always have been...
    And always shall
    Me...and only me.
    I am the only me...
    Anyone will ever see.
    Which me do you see?
    Which do you prefer?
    That choice, I leave to you.
    A choice I give freely and for free.
    Just remember that when we decide to choose...
    One or the other..
    One will will lose.
    Which one wins becomes which one won.
    Which one won becomes which one lost.
    What did they lose?
    What was the cost.
    I chose NOT to choose.
    The on sure bet that cannot lose.
    I simply felt it give my choice away.
    I'll leave it right here...
    Someone will stumble across it...
    ...some day.
    There is no rhyme or reason or why...
    Save for that someone...
    On that someday...
    Will need it more than I.

    -Cade FON Apollyon